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Selecting your first French course

All students registering for their first French course are urged to take the online placement exam, whether they are continuing students or incoming students registering over the summer. The exam (approximately 20 minutes) automatically indicates to students what course usually corresponds to their score that falls within a particular range.

It is also strongly recommended that students read carefully the catalogue course description of prerequisites for each course level, and consult with department members before finalizing their registration. Because high school experiences vary, taking the online placement exam and conferring with departmental faculty ahead of time is the best way for students to maximize their own and others' chances of getting into the course appropriate to their level.

Only students with no prior coursework in French are permitted to take 105a-106b. Students who have taken two years of French in high school normally elect 205. Students who have taken either 105a-106b, or three years of French in high school, normally elect 205. Students who have taken four years of French in high school normally elect 212 or 210, before moving on to upper 200-level courses. Students may not register simultaneously for 212 and 210 except by departmental permission.

During add/drop period (the first 2 weeks of courses), students are encouraged to confer with the instructor immediately if they still have any doubts as to whether the course level is appropriate for them.

Students unable to register for a course that is "full" should keep in touch with the instructor during add/drop period. There is often considerable movement between courses during add/drop period. The most recent information regarding the number of seats available in a given course does not always show up on the Schedule of Classes. The instructor has the most reliable information about availability of seats.

Catalogue Course Descriptions