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French Placement Exam

All incoming Vassar students who have studied French before, and intend to continue, should take the French placement exam. It is intended to assist you in your choice of a course in French and Francophone Studies during pre-registration. As such, it is only an approximate measure of language mastery.

Students who have not studied French before do not need to take the placement exam and can register for French 105a-106b Elementary French.


This on-line exam focuses on knowledge of basic grammatical structures; it does not evaluate oral and written skills.

The results of your exam will be known to you and to members of the Department of French and Francophone Studies who direct placement testing.

These scores will not affect the status of a student's admission to Vassar and will not be reported to all members of the Department, to the Registrar, or recorded on your academic transcript.

Students with further questions about placement in a French course are encouraged to consult with members of the Department at the "Advanced Placement Advising" session during Orientation Week.

NOTE: This is not a proficiency test.  For students wishing to satisfy the foreign language exit requirement by examination, a separate "Proficiency Examination," is offered at the beginning of fall semester.

Before you take the test, please make sure to read through the instructions contained in the document linked below: